Saturday, 28 February 2009

With L.O.V.E from...


Here are the results of the L.O.V.E. project.  DR.ME spent most of Thursday the 12th screen-printing the 100 Valentines cards and then posting them on the 13th to the 100 people who emailed their addresses.  We sent cards to people as close as one road down from our HQ and as far away as Quebec, Canada and we are very pleased that the majority of people seem to have received their cards.
To explain the cards design, we chose to use Helvetica and created a heart using a number (3) and a letter (V), we fused them together for the front and printed in 'enlightened red', then on the inside we had the inscription 'Open Your Heart To Another' and the heart with its 'lid' off.  We feel that the Design has many ambiguous connotations so rather than explain them all, we would like to leave these up to your endless imaginations.  We hope it was a pleasant surprise on the 14th.

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