Tuesday, 31 August 2010


We are currently away interning with Illustrator/Maker Mike Perry in Brooklyn, New York so as we are Tourists we thought it would be apt to blog for Tourist Magazine this summer, to follow our escapades and adventures click HERE.

p.s. once we get back we will be posting more frequently on this blog as we feel we have been a touch neglectful, it will be more fun stuff, things in the process of being made and things we like as we now have a fully functioning website which can be found at WWW.DR-ME.COM, so we now have somewhere for people who want to hire us to look at wink, wink!

Friday, 18 June 2010


Tonight is the opening of our degree show at Manchester Metropolitan University. It should be a fantastic night and will be running from 5PM until 8PM, there is plenty of amazing work created by our peers and a couple of treats from our selves too.

If you go to this LINK you can have a shifty at what sort of things you will be seeing.

As if this wasn't enough, DR.ME will be doing a screen printing workshop on Saturday the 19th of June called 'Screen if you want to go faster' of their postcards at one o'clock on the 4th floor of the Chatham Building. It would be wonderful to see some of you there!


Thursday, 17 June 2010

World in Motion



These are some more work in progress pictures of our day spent at Umbro installing a World Cup piece for them.

These lovely and dare I say it much better taken pictures are done by our talented friend Alex Hoggarth. We're going to be adding some more images soon of how the piece ended up.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

These are some work in progress shots of a World Cup piece we have been asked to do at the Dale St. offices of Umbro. The piece is based around eleven posters featuring images of our favourite famous and infamous moments in each of the World Cups since England won in 1966, we've then been working into these images with black paint pens. We'll pop some more pictures up soon!



Sunday, 23 May 2010

'An Apple A Day' at Common Bar

This has been over a year in the planning and development but on the Thursday the 13th May the first DR.ME exhibition which we created in collaboration with Melvin Galapon 'An Apple A Day' opened at Common bar in the Northern Quarter.
This show will be on until September time so if you weren't able to attend the opening party (which was great fun) then there is still time to catch it. There is work available to purchase at the bar along with a collection of postcards of all of the work featured in the show.
Massive thanks should go to all of the people that helped us along the way especially Common and Umbro.











Thursday, 25 March 2010



Thursday, 11 March 2010

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Waiting Room - MR. BOWLEGS

DR.ME are in equal measures proud and saddened to announce the seventh and final chair of The Waiting Room.

As our last ever guest and to bring the month long Waiting Room exhibition to a close we have invited one of our favourite - and the countries most talented - Illustrators in the form of MR. BOWLEGS.

In a slight addition to the usual format of The Waiting Room - because we do listen to your requests - MR. BOWLEGS has agreed to do a talk on how he works and how he has got to where he is today - in life not location - alongside the live screen printing and of course the exhibition.

We hope that everyone that has made it along over the last year can make it down, equally if you've never made it to The Waiting Room before and have only watched from afar now is as good a time as any as we have all of the work from over the past year still up in The Waiting Room month long exhibition which MR. BOWLEGS will become a part of for the final day.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Waiting Room - MONTH LONG SHOW

For the sixth chair of The Waiting Room, we are extremely excited to announce that this show will not just run for the traditional duration of a day but will be running for an entire month at Nexus Art Café in Manchester. We decided that rather than let the shows fizzle out we would try to bring them to a satisfactory close by doing it partially as a retrospective of the work that has been shown previously and partially as a look into some of the work that we have not had time to include.

The practitioners that we have confirmed so far are:

DR.ME (of course!)

We have also hand picked some fellow students and friends in the shape of Adam Brandon, Aaron Tierney & Oyunga Gombo-Ochir from our course who's work we respect and whose continued attendance and support at The Waiting Room has been integral to its success.

There will be a few surprises throughout the month so keep your eyes peeled!

To bring the run of shows to an end we will be having one final guest on the final Sunday (7th February) who will exhibit work and do a short talk.

We will also be doing a full package of the show posters which will be screen-printed, to reserve one of these packs please email dr.me@hotmail.co.uk the packs will be priced at £10.

Monday, 21 December 2009

◊ C∆NT ◊

For those of you who follow this blog, this is a full A-Z of the C∆NT font that was created for the 'Thanks Yo' poster that we sent to Mike Perry. Hopefully going to teach ourselves how to turn this into a proper font that we can use on work in the future, watch out

Pablo Ferro!

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Pardon et Moi!

Animation by the good DR, work in progress, more updates on this piece soon.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

A Type of Experiment.

This is selection of letters from an alphabet that ME is currently working on for a University brief.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

If Not Blogging Were A Crime, We'd Be Doing Time.

Two months...two months we've not blogged for. Shocking.
We could try and give you excuses for our lack of blogging, but we aren't about excuses.
We will be popping up the work that we've been hammering away at over the last 8 weeks at Uni over the coming days, is there a great deal of pattern work and collage? You know it.
So you might be wondering what this strange print is? Well, a wee while ago we headed across the Atlantic to the big apple (some like to call it New York) for a week, what a place, safe to say we both fell head over heals with it, especially Brooklyn. We arranged to meet up with easily one of our favourite illustrators Mike Perry at his studio in Brooklyn to talk about the possibility of an internship, as Mike was just about to leave to go for a meeting he invited us to talk with him in his car, to cut a long(ish) story short, after about 5 minutes talking about a couple of things (namely that we were going to see Warren G that night) he offered DR.ME an two month internship once we are finished at University. We could not be more excited about this. To illustrate this fact and to show how grateful we are, we have created a poster that we have sent to Mike to say thanks, the good DR has created a collage of a heart from images of vintage carpets and ME has created a font called C∆NT that we have applied as a two colour screen print over the top with the inscription... actually, no, if anyone can guess what it says leave a comment and we'll send the first person to get it right something nice! The type is supposed to be illegible to a certain extent hence the name.
We'll get some more stuff that we've been doing this week up for a bit of show and tell ASAP we promise!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Waiting Room - CHRISSIE ABBOTT

For the fifth chair of The Waiting Room we were ecstatic to welcome Chrissie Abbott along with her friend and fellow illustrator Rosy Nicholas. The inclusion of Rosy had been a little last minute but it was very pleasing how the two quite different styles suited each other greatly with Chrissie's mythical collage work sitting nicely with Rosy's ink based paintings that reminded us of previous Waiting Room guest Luke Best and Nicholas Burrows from Nous Vous. As before we made the 50 zines compiling the work that was to be shown throughout the day which were all snapped up very quickly. Sadly due to the University print studio being out of action no screen printing could be done which was a real shame. After everything was taken down we all went for the traditional drink at the infamous Common bar and talked of Horses and Crabby's Cider until the time came for Chrissie and Rosy came to hop back on the train to the big smoke. During the day we had spoken a few times with a great print based illustrator called Nicholas Saunders who, at the drink at Common, kindly agreed to do the next Waiting Room for us, as Nick is very print based it'll be a strong return to the live screen printing that was so sadly missed this month.

Massive thanks to Chrissie, Rosy and of course Nexus Art Café.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Poster for The Charlatans

Poster for The Charlatans, much obliged to Leah for the photography.

Friday, 25 September 2009

A Celebration of a Friend

This is a quick post as a celebration of our good friend Richard Webb, who has been nominated for a couple of awards for his short animation 'Wishful Expectations', the animation will be shown at Cornerhouse as part of the Exposures Film Festival which is pretty prestigious!

To check out Wishful Expectations click on the link below
It crosses the boundaries between child-like naivety and adult concerns and to our mind could one day replace Christmas classics such as Raymond Briggs 'Father Christmas' or 'The Snowman' in its beautifully timeless nature.

DR.ME wishes Rich all the best in the two Festivals he is in!


These are a selection of posters done by ME for the summer project at University which was to create promotional posters for the film club - KINO4 - that the tutors have arranged for this year. You might recognise the background design from the Shine competition poster, this is due to the fact that the initial Shine concept was based on an egg and ME wanted new designs to be born from this egg (slight metaphorical, slight literal). Each film has a subconscious connection to each design.