Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Waiting Room - CHRISSIE ABBOTT

For the fifth chair of The Waiting Room we were ecstatic to welcome Chrissie Abbott along with her friend and fellow illustrator Rosy Nicholas. The inclusion of Rosy had been a little last minute but it was very pleasing how the two quite different styles suited each other greatly with Chrissie's mythical collage work sitting nicely with Rosy's ink based paintings that reminded us of previous Waiting Room guest Luke Best and Nicholas Burrows from Nous Vous. As before we made the 50 zines compiling the work that was to be shown throughout the day which were all snapped up very quickly. Sadly due to the University print studio being out of action no screen printing could be done which was a real shame. After everything was taken down we all went for the traditional drink at the infamous Common bar and talked of Horses and Crabby's Cider until the time came for Chrissie and Rosy came to hop back on the train to the big smoke. During the day we had spoken a few times with a great print based illustrator called Nicholas Saunders who, at the drink at Common, kindly agreed to do the next Waiting Room for us, as Nick is very print based it'll be a strong return to the live screen printing that was so sadly missed this month.

Massive thanks to Chrissie, Rosy and of course Nexus Art Café.

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