Wednesday, 16 December 2009

If Not Blogging Were A Crime, We'd Be Doing Time.

Two months...two months we've not blogged for. Shocking.
We could try and give you excuses for our lack of blogging, but we aren't about excuses.
We will be popping up the work that we've been hammering away at over the last 8 weeks at Uni over the coming days, is there a great deal of pattern work and collage? You know it.
So you might be wondering what this strange print is? Well, a wee while ago we headed across the Atlantic to the big apple (some like to call it New York) for a week, what a place, safe to say we both fell head over heals with it, especially Brooklyn. We arranged to meet up with easily one of our favourite illustrators Mike Perry at his studio in Brooklyn to talk about the possibility of an internship, as Mike was just about to leave to go for a meeting he invited us to talk with him in his car, to cut a long(ish) story short, after about 5 minutes talking about a couple of things (namely that we were going to see Warren G that night) he offered DR.ME an two month internship once we are finished at University. We could not be more excited about this. To illustrate this fact and to show how grateful we are, we have created a poster that we have sent to Mike to say thanks, the good DR has created a collage of a heart from images of vintage carpets and ME has created a font called C∆NT that we have applied as a two colour screen print over the top with the inscription... actually, no, if anyone can guess what it says leave a comment and we'll send the first person to get it right something nice! The type is supposed to be illegible to a certain extent hence the name.
We'll get some more stuff that we've been doing this week up for a bit of show and tell ASAP we promise!


  1. thanks

    A Brilliant font too!

  2. good work, please email you address over and we'll pop a cristmas present in the post for you!