Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Waiting Room - MR. BOWLEGS

DR.ME are in equal measures proud and saddened to announce the seventh and final chair of The Waiting Room.

As our last ever guest and to bring the month long Waiting Room exhibition to a close we have invited one of our favourite - and the countries most talented - Illustrators in the form of MR. BOWLEGS.

In a slight addition to the usual format of The Waiting Room - because we do listen to your requests - MR. BOWLEGS has agreed to do a talk on how he works and how he has got to where he is today - in life not location - alongside the live screen printing and of course the exhibition.

We hope that everyone that has made it along over the last year can make it down, equally if you've never made it to The Waiting Room before and have only watched from afar now is as good a time as any as we have all of the work from over the past year still up in The Waiting Room month long exhibition which MR. BOWLEGS will become a part of for the final day.

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