Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Waiting Room - MONTH LONG SHOW

For the sixth chair of The Waiting Room, we are extremely excited to announce that this show will not just run for the traditional duration of a day but will be running for an entire month at Nexus Art Café in Manchester. We decided that rather than let the shows fizzle out we would try to bring them to a satisfactory close by doing it partially as a retrospective of the work that has been shown previously and partially as a look into some of the work that we have not had time to include.

The practitioners that we have confirmed so far are:

DR.ME (of course!)

We have also hand picked some fellow students and friends in the shape of Adam Brandon, Aaron Tierney & Oyunga Gombo-Ochir from our course who's work we respect and whose continued attendance and support at The Waiting Room has been integral to its success.

There will be a few surprises throughout the month so keep your eyes peeled!

To bring the run of shows to an end we will be having one final guest on the final Sunday (7th February) who will exhibit work and do a short talk.

We will also be doing a full package of the show posters which will be screen-printed, to reserve one of these packs please email dr.me@hotmail.co.uk the packs will be priced at £10.

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