Thursday, 16 April 2009

Across the Pennines - Volume 7 Poster Design

DR.ME designed and screen printed the poster for the new Across the Pennines compilation.  As Peter Saville designed the fold out poster in the compilation sleeve, we thought it would be appropriate to use the font he used for the New Order album 'Movement'.  This poster design will also be used in Artrocker early next month.
The compilation features music by some of the best new acts in the north west and north east along with the afore mentioned Peter Saville screen printed posters and DR.ME design work.
The compilations are a bargain at £2 so we recommend you get one soon as they are done as limited edition runs of 300.


  1. Nice design. Thanks for sharing such a good design here. The Poster Design looks simple and enchanting.

  2. Is this cd still available?