Wednesday, 9 September 2009


For those that don't know, DR.ME also dabble in DJing and Live event promotion. We have recently been asked to put on a monthly event at a small but wonderful venue in Manchester's Northern Quarter called the Bay Horse. We decided to call this event BERGKETEN (translating as Mountain Range in Dutch) after DR made a trip to Amsterdam and was inspired by the language, people and the general way of life. For the opening night which is tomorrow the 10th of September. We have arranged for some bands to play live for us, two of which being from Baltimore in the US of A in the shape of FUTURE ISLANDS and EAR PWR (we think pronounced EAR POWER) and the other in the shape of our good friends and much lauded Manchester act WU LYF. We will be DJing a mixture of Hip Hop, Chicago House, a few choice cuts of the best new indie music and some records made by our friends.

We designed the flyers by collaging images of mountainscapes and other mountain based ephemera to create promotional material that was visually exciting and chose purple on a creme stock as we thought this would make it stand out from other flyers (and it was cheaper!).

For the first night we decided to make it extra special and create a mountain based (see where we're going here?) fanzine that would be given away free to the first 50 people through the door. We had a great deal of fun with this collaging pictures of mountains with unusual pictures and images that we had been wanting to use for some time. Special mention should be given to the wonderful Hannah Mort who put her extensive sewing skills to great use by sewing the spines of all 50 zines!

See you tomorrow VIVE BERGKETEN!


  1. haha where is ryan's amazing drawing of a mountain and the writing berg / moutain underneath?

  2. I'm loving the page opposite the "extreem vuur gevaar" page. Triangle Porn :D

  3. I loved the picture book! It thought it was a great idea and I enjoyed looking into the pics rather than reading words... Great night too - cheers! Steve :)

  4. Thanks Steve, glad you enjoyed the zine and the night! We're back at the Bay Horse on the 22nd of October where we'll also be hosting a New York retrospective photography exhibition of our good friend Jonathan Flanders who has spent the summer interning with Ryan Mcginley