Tuesday, 15 September 2009


In August 2010 ME was shortlisted for the Shine 2009 Coley Porter Bell Design competition after sending in a piece of screen printed work completed earlier in the year, (DR's piece went missing in the post clap, clap Royal Mail). After a trip down to London to do a little show and tell with his portfolio he, along with ten other finalists was set the brief of designing the poster for next years competition.

Above is the piece that has been put forward, the concept behind it stretches back to ME's childhood in the Lake District when at Easter hard boiled egg's would be decorated and then rolled (or thrown in most cases) off the town's castle ruins with the aim to see who's egg went the furthest. The winner was seldom the strongest competitor but he/she who possessed the best technique and will to succeed.

In mid October ME will travel with DR of course and some friends to the CPB offices for a cocktail party (sweet) that CPB will be throwing to announce the winner, the winner will receive £3000 and a three month work placement.

If ME wins he will most likely buy 300,000 of these...

Fingers crossed!

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