Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Waiting Room - CHRISSIE ABBOTT

For the fifth chair of the one day design exhibition series The Waiting Room, DR.ME are delighted to present Chrissie Abbott. In our minds Chrissie is one of the most exciting and innovative new illustrators around and we are pleased to say she will be bringing her good friend and equally talented illustrator friend Rosy Nicholas. Chrissie Abbott we should add is maybe best known for her work for Little Boots but this is not the reason we have asked her to be the first female guest at The Waiting Room, her work is intriguing and exciting in equal measures and we have been super excited about what she has sent across. Miss Abbott will be exhibiting some new pieces of work for the exhibition, she will also be creating a live piece throughout the day with a bit of a craft based edge. As ever DR.ME will be creating 50 zines featuring Chrissie's work along with a few bits thrown in by Rosie to!

Below is a link to a talk that Chrissie shot in August for the great people at 'It's Nice That'

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